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There's one thing osu! can never get enough of: Touhou arrangements, which Japanese producer tsunamix of AGGRESSIVE BEAT CIRCLE is here to deliver. tsunamix has been mastering music since 2007, starting with production of an album under the circle C-CLAYS and later earning prestige in composition contests and collaboration with Avex.

tsunamix is best known for his work under the tsunamix_underground alias here on osu!. Period. ~ Seishin no Kousoku to Jiyuu o Tsukamu Jouka has become a cult classic among circle clickers, first making an appearance in 2015, then revitalizing in 2021 and 2022 by various members of the osu! mapping community. Now that tsunamix is one of our Featured Artists, you can rest assured that more Touhou is on the way courtesy of other members of the mapping community (including you, of course).