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While most may recognize LilyPichu for her presence in the live streaming space, here on osu! she's especially recognized for her talent as a musician! LilyPichu's first step into the limelight came through the parody song I'll Quit LoL in 2011, eventually shifting towards releasing singles throughout 2020 and onwards.

LilyPichu's most streamed track dreamy night also made a splash in the osu! scene, earning half a million plays and a thousand favourites in one year. With a speedily growing collection of songs in her discography, mappers will have no trouble finding the base behind their next comfy creation.

these days it's hard to find the words
sunshine & butterflies
summer nights
not too late
last cup of coffee
if there was a zombie apocalypse i'd let my dog eat me
dreamy nightmares
dreamy night
comfy vibes
anemo sky