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Innocent Key

Doujin circle Innocent Key has been slamming out Touhou arrangements since as far back as 2008. 2 arrangers and 3 vocalists are the main contributors to the group, but in classic doujin fashion, each of their albums are major collaborations between creators across the Touhou arrangement sphere.

The osu! community has been a fan of Innocent Key since its inception, with a beatmap of Touhou Sweets! Kichiku Shimai to Junan Maid entering the ranked category in 2009. Innocent Key is a relic of osu! history that will never be forgotten, and now that they're one of our Featured Artists, mappers are bound to bring their sound into the modern age.

Touhou Tower Orchid
Touhou Sweets
Touhou Summer Vacation
Touhou Serious Innocent Key
Touhou School
Touhou Sacred Water Festival
Touhou Celeb
Innocent Key the BEST
Innocent Key VS Tora