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Massive New Krew

Fusing talents of producers JAVELIN and Tachibana, Massive New Krew is a hardstyle-focused electronic duo known for pounding juicy bass tones since 2008. Massive New Krew earned their reputation as a hardstyle icon by performing as a club DJ at major events throughout Japan, and that reputation extends into the world of rhythm games through song features in beatmania IIDX, CHUNITHM, Groove Coaster, and Taiko no Tatsujin!

Massive New Krew offers a fresh style from what usually appears in rhythm games, requiring a whole new approach from a mapper's side. Maps like Majestic 12 and Bullsh*t show two distinctly different ways of handling Massive New Krew tunes in the editor. Mapping any of these songs for yourself can show the osu! universe that there's even more ways to explore Massive New Krew's music.