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From composing circles in the editor to composing his own songs, happy30 is a veteran beatmapper whose musical expertise extends beyond osu!. As a game developer by day, happy30's audio production hobby has led him to design several game soundtracks that showcase his piano and orchestral composition skills. His newest EP As the wind blows includes similar orchestral ideas in a package explicitly designed for osu! (and given happy30's years of mapping experience, you could bet that these songs make for awesome maps).

happy30's beatmapping and musicianship capabilities have already made an impact on osu! through beatmaps of As the wind blows and Shelter (happy30 Remix), both of which were mapped by happy30 himself! If you ever wanted to jump directly into the mind of an osu! mapper, load any of happy30's songs in the editor and let the notes place themselves.

As the wind blows