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Pirates and metal are Alestorm's bread and butter. This Scottish band has been captaining the ship of pirate-themed heavy metal tunes since the 2000s, showcasing a sound and style that's a treasure to anyone's ears. With 7 album releases to date, Alestorm has been thriving in their niche since they began, and will continue on their journey til the sea reaches its end.

Alestorm was a pioneer in the osu! scene as well, seeing entry to the ranked section as far back as 2008 through a collection of beatmaps created by awp. In recent times, Alestorm's sound barged into the competitive scene through beatmaps of Keelhauled and Shipwrecked in various Corsace tournaments. If you're a mapper, feel free to pick up any of Alestorm's shanties for your own creative glory.

Sunset on the Golden Age
No Grave but the Sea
Captain Morgan's Revenge
Black Sails at Midnight
Back Through Time