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From casual compositions in childhood to masterful rhythm game song productions today, AAAA is an absolute legend in the world of music games. With works stretching across the gaming scene through Arcaea, maimai, CHUNITHM, pop'n music, SDVX, Muse Dash, and even more, AAAA's iconic sound can be found practically anywhere.

That extensive list of games includes osu! too, of course. Spreading across beatmaps of all game modes since as far back as 2016, AAAA has become an osu! staple, only solidified by their high caliber reveal through a song for the MWC 4K 2022 Tiebreaker co-produced by Featured Artists (and fellow legends) Hino Isuka and Umeboshi Chazuke. You shouldn't need any convincing by this point. If you play osu!, you automatically love AAAA's music.

pastel planet
parallel skydive
Stardusts in my Memory Card