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Blind Guardian

German band Blind Guardian has been a cornerstone in the power metal scene since its inception in 1984. Pioneers of their craft, Blind Guardian has produced over 10 revolutionary albums throughout their nearly 40-year lifespan with consistently positive reception from fans. The band's works are filled with tales of legends and fantasy epics, bolstered by a classic storytelling style expressed through both composition and live presentation.

Blind Guardian's influence on osu! is relatively fresh. With the rising popularity of stream-focused mapping, power metal has become a highly demanded genre, highlighted by A Voice In The Dark — a dense marathon that tests the consistency of osu!'s highest echelon of players. With more densely packed songs in their repertoire, Blind Guardian is an effective choice for mappers looking to design a challenge.

Somewhere Far Beyond
Nightfall in Middle-Earth
Imaginations From the Other Side
At the Edge of Time
A Twist in the Myth
A Night at the Opera