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SAMString, a long-time osu! player based in the United Kingdom, has taken his love for renowned artists on osu! like Camellia and other personal favorites to create his own blend of osu!-oriented songs. Iconized by a combo of classic instrumentation within modern styles, SAMString's electronic tunes provide engaging approaches to his preferred genres like psytrance, deep house, and drum & bass.

There's an undeniably clear thread connecting SAMString to osu! and its community tournament scene. A slew of map pools have been created with his songs throughout the years, and a tournament in 2021 even arranged the song NUMA to be composed specifically for its grand finals tiebreaker. As a Featured Artist, SAMString is ready to come full circle, starting from a lover of music through osu! and becoming a prominent figure in osu! beatmaps.

Crystalised Euphoria
Celestial Solace
Akarui Taiyo
Night Figther