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Rameses B

When an osu! player thinks of drum & bass, one of the first musicians who come to mind is Rameses B. This multi-talented electronic producer is known for everything from ambient and trance music to drum & bass and dubstep, filling each of his songs with raw emotion and an unforgettable atmosphere.

Rameses B has been a part of osu! since nearly the beginning, starting with Flaklypa being featured in one of osu!'s first official beatmapping contests, followed by a neverending onslaught of insanely popular beatmaps across Rameses B's decade-long discography of Monstercat and Liquicity releases. Ranging from hyperactive tunes to relaxing soundscapes, mappers can find just about anything they're looking for through Rameses B.

When You Dream
We Love
Open Your Eyes EP
Neon Rainbow
Dream Catcher
Darkest Place
Against The Grain