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Origami Angel

US-based rock duo Origami Angel showcases the cutting-edge state of emo and pop-punk through their addicting repertoire of music. While the band is continuously evolving their sound, they've also impressed with each of their releases - starting with a collection of EPs in 2017-2018, a full album release in 2019, and a double-length album release in 2021!

Origami Angel's charming style has been a resounding hit in the osu! community. Their songs are spread throughout tons of different styles and tempos, permitting heaps of opportunities for the mapping community, as already seen through crazy, high-paced maps like 666 Flags, simpler maps like 24 Hr Drive-Thru, or maps in between like The Title Track. Wherever Origami Angel's tunes can be heard, you'll also find supremely satisfied osu! players.

Somewhere City