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Tenchio has thrown brooding and confusing tones into the void for as long as they can remember. "Math rock" may be the easiest way to describe Tenchio's music, but there's much more to it that can't be classified by genre: harsh tones, noisy and emotional screams, and an undecisively dark feeling reminiscent of TK from ling tosite sigure.

Given the density of Tenchio's rhythms, it's no wonder that osu!taiko and osu!mania mappers were the first to engage with these songs. Mappers looking for one-of-a-kind tunes outside of the usual electronic catalogue of rhythm games may find that Tenchio is exactly what they need.

skeleton (Lettuce ver.) NEW
Projector NEW
Crosshatching Holographs of a Cityscape (Antiopus) NEW
Bedroom Chaos of the Inner Noodle NEW
004 Sigh-TM Stutter NEW