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Twisting dramatic rhythm game music with upbeat melodies, Ardolf is an exceptionally talented producer best known for his features in games like Lanota, Geometry Dash, and Friday Night Funkin. With 6 years of music composition and production experience under his belt (specifically with rhythm games in mind), Ardolf caters perfectly to the sound osu! players crave.

Ardolf may be a new name to the osu! community, but his sound fits the scene flawlessly. This could be attributed to his production knowledge or his experience as an osu!mania player — but most likely both! Whether you're a new mapper looking for a safe entry point to the mapping scene or an experienced mapper looking for some fun, Ardolf's tracks are both accessible and engaging for all crowds.

will u
Vermithrax EP
Split EX
Rainbow Raceway
Lycurgus EP
Dark Dungeon
Before The Storm