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Plum has proliferated a niche that he can truly call his own. Producing high BPM piano melodies that mix with a variety of genres, Plum has made a name for himself and has expanded his activities to the worlds of VOCALOID and rhythm games. While he's especially known for his artcore compositions, there's much more in Plum's discography to discover.

Plum's sound first made its way to the osu! scene through an osu!mania beatmap of Timeline, and has since diversified to classic circle clicking through a 7 star beatmap of Maelstrom. Whether mappers are looking for calm tunes or intense pieces fitting for a boss theme song, Plum is able to provide.

Musicbox 24-7 - Side PM
Musicbox 24-7 - Side AM
Melody From Sky
Harmonic Puzzle
Fragment of Eden
August Snowfall