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Rabbit House

From rhythm game enthusiast to rhythm game song composer, Rabbit House is a Korean electronic producer who you might recognize for more than just their music. They're Nakagawa-Kanon or dksslqj on osu!, best known for mapping one of the game's most renowned maps of all time: xi - FREEDOM DiVE. In the 10 years since then, Rabbit House developed top-of-the-line musicianship, eventually landing their songs in games like Lanota and Arcaea.

Rabbit House is as close to the core of osu! as an artist can reach. They're a unanimously known figure among both players and mappers, plus their music has been part of our circle-clicking world since as far back as 2018 through Rabbit House - Final Overtake. If you want to know how an osu! mapper views music production (or you'd just like to map some hardcore tunes), pick up a Rabbit House song and start mapping.