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Perhaps better known as JurokuNeta. or NoKANY, DGK is a Chinese producer who's established himself among rhythm game enthusiasts through song contributions to games like Muse Dash and Dance Cube. As a continued participant in events like Taiko no Tatsujin's production contest, he's perfected a blood-pumping sound inspired by premier rhythm game composers like Ryu* and M2U.

DGK debuted on osu! through a shower of submissions for Mujinku-Vacuum Track#ADD8E6-, the most popular of which is a ranked beatmap combining 4K and 8K osu!mania difficulty spreads. Given how clearly DGK's sound has resonated with the osu! community, his music is destined making waves in our circle-clicking kingdom.

Mujinku-Vacuum Track#ADD8E6-
Kinki to Hiiro Gensou -The Primary Plasm-