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Celebrated rhythm game song producer siromaru takes his own road when it comes to style. Evolving from a lesser-known techno genre called "Schranz" and its derivative subgenres, siromaru designs his own class of sensational tracks that've been showcased in a massive collection of other rhythm games like SOUND VOLTEX, maimai, CHUNITHM, Ongeki, crossbeats, and Arcaea. Since starting his own music label HEKATON CHEIR BEATS, siromaru has been releasing original albums on a regular basis.

siromaru's most widely known track is conflict — a collaboration with Cranky which is a staple for just about any modern rhythm game, and is unsurprisingly the launching point for siromaru's long-lasting presence in osu!. Since 2013, the ranked category has seen countless beatmaps of siromaru's exceptional tunes, and that catalogue will inevitably continue growing with their recent addition to our Featured Artists!

Reverse Clock
Monochrome Rainbow
Daizy Cutter
Beyond the Horizon