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Primarily known for their fan music inspired by the Kantai Collection franchise, KINEMA106 is the powerhouse team behind a massive library of anime-style songs and videos. Led by producer Tom, the group consistently delivers hit after hit for the last 7 years, expanding their inspirations beyond KanColle to franchises like Fate/Grand Order and even exploring fully original works.

KINEMA106's J-rock sound is an unsurprisingly perfect fit for our circle-clicking community. Launched into the forefront by a beatmap of Juubaku and amassing over 2 million plays in the last half-decade, KINEMA106 has solidified its place as a household name among osu! players, and will likely hold its position with infinite beatmaps to come.

Zankyou no Chinkonka
Yongou Bunshou
Suien no Jest
Soukoku no Thrust
Kakuyaku no Resist
Kaen no Suisai
Ginkai no Geist