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Marmalade butcher

Marmalade butcher is anything but conventional. Merging unexpected genres like electronica and math rock, the band is a next-generation hybrid group focused on instrumental works with a ton of distinct styles. Since starting in 2010, Marmalade butcher has hosted a number of live performances and has even been featured in the rhythm game world via pop'n music peace.

As should be expected from any artist inspired by math rock, Marmalade butcher's tunes are a perfect platform for rhythmically dense and complicated tracks that drift away from the usual electronic aura. Mappers of all experience levels will find themselves engaged by the sheer diversity of the group's sound. (In case it wasn't clear, that includes you.)

Waltz For Chroma
VisioN - NoisiA
Nullum Sonum
Mirage Age
Fukasetsu Fukasetsuten Fukanou Sekai