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Listening to Chroma's tunes is best described as setting out on an adventure through a chiptune paradise. Expressive in every facet of musicality, Chroma is a Japanese producer who's perfected the niche of rhythm game music with an 8-bit twist. Featured in SOUND VOLTEX, GROOVE COASTER, CHUNITHM, maimai, and more, Chroma's sound has received an endless slew of praise from music game communities.

Chroma penetrated the osu! community as far back as 2015, receiving more and more attention from mappers and players in all game modes as the years progressed. With a vast collection of his ranked maps to choose from and an even bigger library of songs available through his Featured Artist listing, Chroma is an artist that every osu! player will inevitably gravitate towards.

Ryuuseigun ni Aeta Natsu - Gorogoro
Dark Sheep
Ai o Yorokobu Machi