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Hailing from liquid drum & bass paradise (also known as the Netherlands), Lexurus is an EDM producer who's been constructing hits for the better half of a decade. His career first launched through our very own High Tea Music and later progressed towards major drum & bass label Liquicity, where his newest works are released to this day.

Lexurus is a household name to anyone who's kept an eye on drum & bass beatmaps throughout the years. Starting with T & Sugah x Lexurus - No More in 2016 and slowly expanding his catalogue of ranked maps throughout the years, Lexurus has been an ever-present artist in the osu! scene whose sound is perfectly suited for a relaxed yet captivating experience.

Take Me Away
Out Of Love
Make Me
Lexurus - About You - Static Groove
High Tea Music Vol. 3
High Tea Music Vol. 2
Demons - Lexurus Remix