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solfa is a master of anything and everything revolving around anime music. Originally a solo endeavour by iyuna and rebranded as solfa in 2009, the project has gathered some of the doujin scene's top vocalists like yuiko, Chata, Shimotsuki Haruka, Ceui, and a whole ton more to create tracks following the philosophy of "making music that reaches people's hearts." With countless works featured throughout other media (especially visual novels), solfa's emotional sound has resonated with listeners worldwide.

As a hub for fans of anime, osu! is no stranger to solfa. Mappers have consistently engaged with solfa's music since 2012 and solidified its place in the osu! climate through more than 40 ranked beatmaps. After much delay, solfa is finally here to officially make its stamp on our circle-clicking community.

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chronicle ~cool splash~
star dome
heart to heart
chronicle ~marine stage~
chronicle ~hot dream~
chronicle ~forest stage~
chronicle ~dog side~
chronicle ~cat side~
chronicle -wind notes-
chronicle -white beat-
chronicle -the sun-
chronicle -the moon-
chronicle -supersonic-
chronicle -red beat-