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Stealing the spotlight since 2017, tokiwa is the Japanese producer and lyricist behind a whole horde of iconic future bass and energetic electronic songs. tokiwa found their first inspiration through rhythm games -- especially beatmania IIDX -- and was driven to produce melodic masterpieces in a similar style to their favourite tracks. Combining this with other sources of influence like pop, indie, and club music, tokiwa crafted a sound that's disctintively their own.

tokiwa left an impression on the osu! world through a multi-mode beatmap of Memoirs feat. Aitsuki Nakuru, and continued impressing in 2021 through a couple modern spreads for timeless future bass classic Syuou Sange. With a collection of vocal and instrumental tracks to explore, tokiwa is a solid fit for any type of mapper aiming for a fresh take on rhythm game songs.