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litmus* / Ester

Aside from his dedicated appreciation for daily Pepsi drinking, Korean producer litmus* (a.k.a. Ester) is a long-time BMS OF FIGHTERS participant who's renowned for contrasting upbeat EDM and classic rhythm-game styles. With near-wins in G2R2018, BOFXV*, and BOFXVI, plus feature spots in rhythm games like CHUNITHM CRYSTAL, Cytus II, Lanota, and VOEZ, litmus* is undeniably a mainstay in the modern rhythm game landscape.

litmus* first made his way to the osu! scene under his rhythm-game-focused Ester alias through Dizzolve hosted by -Dusk. Having since expanded their repertoire of maps to all modes, litmus* provides a straightforward appeal to players and mappers looking for anything between the Dance and Drumstep genres.

Good Life