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Multi-talented creator Avizura is a drum & bass producer, visual artist, and indie game developer hailing from the heart of the Netherlands. Making waves in early online music circles through Newgrounds, Avizura made a name for themselves and later debuted on major drum & bass labels like Liquicity and Citrus Recordings. In recent times, Avizura has combined their enthusiasm for music and game development through their ongoing production of rhythm game/turn-based RPG Break Beat Battle Machines.

Avizura may be a familiar name on osu! thanks to a widely appreciated beatmap of Lucky Star created by Bearizm. Merging the perfect tempo and rhythm density for beatmapping, each of Avizura's tracks offers a template for beatmaps that harken back to the golden age of drum & bass on osu!.

Lucky Star EP
Crystal EP
Alien Girl EP
Air Castles