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Harumaki Gohan

Japanese VOCALOID producer Harumaki Gohan is renowned for a clear vocal tuning style and an insanely impressive skillset. Each of his electronic and rock-focused songs resonates with pure emotion, enhanced further by his gorgeously self-illustrated and self-animated music videos. Recently he's even begun singing self-covers of his own VOCALOID works, proving the endless depths of Harumaki Gohan's talents.

Harumaki Gohan has slowly penetrated the barriers of the osu! community with a collection of beatmaps for Melty Land Nightmare, Suisei ni Nareta nara, and Yakusoku. Sporting simplistic rhythms and an easily accessible sound (even for those not too fond of VOCALOID), Harumaki Gohan's music is a solid choice for mappers of any skill level.

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