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From humble beginnings as a bedroom composer to performing his music live over 50 times worldwide, Wiklund is a Swedish producer of songs stylized around an old-school video game aesthetic. His journey began with messing around on old dusty gameboys, eventually expanding into new avenues as he was exposed to "demoscene" composers who became some of his greatest musical influences alongside 80's synthpop.

Wiklund was adopted early into the osu! universe through a collection of beatmaps from 2009 and 2010, spearheaded by retired mappers Ultimate and yeahyeahyeahhh through their maps of Whip the Blip and Billy Boogie respectively. Setting the stage for these retro compositions with beatmaps that are viewed as retro by today's mapping standards, Wiklund's serendipitous position in osu! is one worth celebrating with even more vintage-inspired maps.

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