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T & Sugah

Springing into the public eye in 2013, DJs / producers Robin and Phillipe make up the drum & bass duo T & Sugah. Their music spans the full spectrum of their genre, ranging from smooth liquid tracks to high-energy headbangers. With releases on some of the most iconic drum & bass labels around like Liquicity, NCS, and Hospital Records, as well as their very own label High Tea Music, this pair of musicians is more than established in their community.

T & Sugah first made waves on osu! from OWC 2016 through the Semifinals pool's Freemod pick No More, later resurging through a small batch of maps ranked in 2021. Ready for even more of the osu! limelight, T & Sugah's songs cover parts of both their striking High Tea Music and Liquicity catalogues.

Wicked Days EP
Walk Her Way - Demons
Lost On My Own
Liquicity Reflections (Part 3)
Liquicity Reflections (Part 1)
Higher EP
High Tea Music Vol. 2
High Tea Music Vol. 1
Days Away