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3R2 / DJ Mashiro

Taiwan based talent 3R2 is a composer, arranger, and DJ best known for his vast contributions to all corners of the gaming sphere. Rhythm game fanatics are likely already familiar with his works from games like Cytus, Deemo, CHUNITHM, Arcaea, and Muse Dash, but he's also produced soundtracks for non-rhythm games like Rabi-Ribi and Little Witch Nobeta. His DJ experience has also proven valuable through his extraordinary live performances at events like RayarkCon, Japan Amusement Expo, and The Day of Hardcore.

3R2 sports a range of styles in his songs. Under his older DJ Mashiro alias he produces upbeat happy hardcore tracks, many elements of which bleed into his more relaxed modern tunes. Anyone engaged by rhythm game music will find something of interest from 3R2's catalogue, though narrowing it down to only a single choice may prove difficult.

Synthetic Life
Sweetness and Love EP
Pieces of Affections
Pancake is Love
Kirara Anthems vol. 3
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