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Meshing pop, hip hop, and a truckload of other niche subgenres, SEBii is a Chinese-American artist renowned for their unaltered high-pitched vocals and a self-produced style. Following a move from Shanghai, China to the United States at age 17, his music career took off through a variety of singles and EPs, including Play Poker Remix (w/ Maple) popularized through an endless spread of TikTok content. Simultaneously hosting an iconic sound and a distinctly recognizable visual style, SEBii is a producer that every listener will remember.

Following in the footsteps of TikTok, osu! saw an uptick in SEBii's popularity through Vanchanical's mapset of Play Poker Remix (w/ Maple). With the recent uptick of hyperpop on osu!, SEBii effectively hits the spot with his own evocative twists on the genre.