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Appreciating the wonders of Akihabara from their distant home in Fukuoka's countryside, Japanese producer Rish (a.k.a. rissyuu / Risshuu) is best known for creating an endless supply of cute tracks featuring angelic vocalist Choko. Despite already making a name for themselves in games like Muse Dash, maimai, and SOUND VOLTEX, Rish recently made a new wave of fans with their BOFXVI submission Take in late 2020.

Rish took the osu! community by storm through yf_bmp's stacked difficulty spread of Take, earning 1000 favorites by the time it reached ranked status. The hallmark of Rish's musical style is a combo of hyper-intense instrumentals inspired by artists like Camellia and uniquely cute vocals inspired by artists like MOSAIC.WAV, so if that sounds like your thing, pick up a track or three and start mapping!

Punai Punai Taisou
Punai Punai Sensou
Punai Punai Gensou
Honey Beat Pops
Haguruma Chippa 5
Haguruma Chippa 4
Colorful Wonderland
Candy Panic Bomb!
Black Black Candy