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Fred V & Grafix

Fred Vahrman and Josh Jackson are the innovators behind Fred V & Grafix, a drum & bass duo that revolutionized the scene ever since their launch 10 years ago. Drawing influence from sounds beyond the usual scope of drum & bass like funk, soul, rock, and jazz, the two musicians have made unique instrumentation the cornerstone of their works. With guitar, piano, and vocals handled by Fred and guitar and drums managed by Josh, the duo has collaborated to make distinctly new tones within the realm of their primary genre.

Fred V & Grafix's sound is a modern classic for the osu! community, perfectly fitting the tempo and intensity needed for a solid beatmap paired with the soothing sounds of liquid drum & bass -- and that's not even mentioning the variety of guest vocalists featured in these tracks, each bringing a special flavor to their respective tune. No matter what style of drum & bass you're looking for, Fred V & Grafix has you covered.

Here With You