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The cornerstone of the Japanese doujin rock/folk field, ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY is a circle known for an endless streak of hits ever since its founding in 2007 by vocalist Mitsuki Nakae. She's grown a name for herself throughout Japan's independent music scenes thanks to her singing in symphonic rock band shoujo byou, countless contributions to anime and game music, and her expanding voice acting career since 2013. As the lead of ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY, she continuously steps up the game with 20 albums released to date.

Mitsuki Nakae has experimented with styles to the point that she can sing practically any type of song — a trait clearly apparent by the diverse spread of songs ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY has to offer. Whether you're looking for rock or a more traditional Japanese sound, this circle has more than enough songs to choose from.

19th Album 「KIRMES」 NEW
16th Album 「ASTRO=SIGN」 NEW
15th Album 「ASTRO=FILMS」 NEW
14th Album 「ASTRO=GRAPH」 NEW
13th Album 「Toushin Gengi Oku」 NEW
12th Album 「Toushin Gengi」 NEW
11th Single 「Toushin Gengi Jo」 NEW
11th Album 「Kaleido Parade」 NEW
10th Single 「ASTRO=HOPE」 NEW
10th Album 「Nazokake Alice」 NEW
9th Single 「ASTRO=PHERE」 NEW
9th Album 「Confetti Retrotica」 NEW
8th Single 「Halloween Night Parade」 NEW
7th Single 「Machigami Shoujo」 NEW
7th Album 「Youkai story -Doyokitan-」 NEW
6th Album 「Cielo Azul」 NEW
5th Album 「Caffe Riddle」 NEW
4th Album 「Nazokake Kanten」 NEW
3rd Album 「Arco-Iris」 NEW
2nd Single 「Hana Uta」 NEW
2nd Album 「Automatic Roman」 NEW
1st Album 「Dokaikitan」 NEW