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Belgian producer Andromedik is a colossal force in the Drum & Bass scene who continues to impress year after year. Being trained in classical/jazz music for more than 10 years, he's a fierce competitor in producer circles despite often being younger than the rest of the crowd, eventually recognized for his efforts through the World's Best Newcomer prize in 2019's Drum and Bass Arena Awards.

Putting his talent to the test with countless energetic and mood-rich tracks, Andromedik's liquid Drum and Bass perfectly meets the requirements for engaging yet relaxing beatmaps. Each song sports a classic 174BPM and rhythms supporting the ideal balance between jumps and streams. Take a chance at mapping Andromedik if you're looking for something on the simpler side.

Your Eyes
Won't Let Go
I'll Be There
I Want You
High Tea Music Vol. 5
High Tea Music Vol. 4
High Tea Music Vol. 1
Forever / Colours
Earl Gray
Close To Me
Break Away
Better With You