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Piloting the next generation of absurdly diverse music through each of their works, katagiri is a Japanese producer best known for their endless catalogue of hardcore bootleg remixes and breakcore originals. Releasing works under miso-nicomi records, a label famed for breakcore-themed remixes of just about anything musical, katagiri is one of the absolute authorities in their revolutionary genre exemplified on osu! through beatmaps like Sendan Life (katagiri Bootleg) by Settia and true DJ MAG top ranker's song Zenpen (katagiri Remix) by Nathan.

While katagiri is widely known for their derivative works, originals like Angel's Salad boast complex insanity clearly proving that their musical talent is in a league of its own. Any players or mappers looking for a challenge and a new sound to experiment with need look no further than here.

Ved A Works
Naopura2000 -Daybreak-
Mofumofu Horizon
Angel's Salad