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love solfege

Based on an appreciation for the music theory concept of solfège, love solfege is a Japanese circle known for paving the way for their self-proclaimed "classic art pop" genre. Mixing classic music with elements of rock, pop, and R&B, the group manages to produce its own unmistakable sound through compositions by lead composer and arranger Shinichiro Matsumoto, with vocals by Eiri Ayano, Aya Manabe, and a slew of guest vocalists.

Charming the osu! sphere through the iconic jump-filled map Vanity Clock, love solfege's distinctive tones have resonated with players from all corners of the community. With a handful of tracks boasting the classic art pop style, it's only a matter of time before mappers continue the trend started by Vanity Clock.

over the surges
lucis ortus
le blanc et noir
la tempesta
Sakairitsu no Sample
Reception for witnesses
Luxury~classical best
La Fatalite