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Kitazawa Kyouhei

Flaunting his own new tones throughout the VOCALOID sphere, Kitazawa Kyouhei is a 20 year old producer and songwriter with a talent for forging dark themes and mood-rich atmospheres. While he discovered the culture behind VOCALOID in 2012 through osu!, it wasn't until 2019 that he took the dive into publishing his experimental music and founding his own label NONSENSE SOUNDS.

Each of Kitazawa Kyouhei's works features masterfully tuned vocals and progressive instrumentals, often delving into modern pop and trap-inspired choices. Providing a fresh palette for creators unfamiliar with his style, Kitazawa Kyouhei is a solid fit for anyone hoping to explore something new. To enhance the feeling behind these songs, each beatmap template also comes packed with special background and video files!