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Reku Mochizuki

Japanese producer Reku Mochizuki is a Japanese composer and producer with roots firmly planted in rhythm game music culture. Early exposure to the music game doujin scene early on led Reku Mochizuki to begin successfully composing songs with their direct inspiration, leading to several features in rhythm games like Dynamix, RAVON, Muse Dash, and now osu!.

The power behind Reku Mochizuki's songs makes them an ideal choice for high-difficulty-focused players and mappers. Pairing that intensity with each song's perfect game-size 2 minutes of content lends to opportunities for convenient mapsets of any size. Albeit new to the osu! scene, Reku Mochizuki's dynamic sound is bound to be an icon in the years to come.

Realm in the Sky
INFiNiTE ENERZY -Overdoze-
Be Right There