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An osu! content creator turned modern music pioneer, miraie is a vocalist and producer known for his recent deep dive into the hyperpop genre. While his start with music focused on EDM, he gained a new perspective and passion for music after designing his first hyperpop track fantasy world in collaboration with kid sora. Thanks to features in a number of Spotify editorial playlists and inspiration from artists worldwide, miraie has been continuously exploring the possibilities of his newly expressive sound.

Beyond his music career, osu! players are likely familiar with miraie through his half-million-subscriber YouTube channel. His earlier uploads frequented osu!, later shifting the spotlight onto vlog content and music releases. While his sound (and genre for that matter) are relatively new to osu!, mappers should find no trouble working with these enticing tracks.

with you
i like cute girls
high school romance
for real world
fantasy world
dimension shift
cold winter nights