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Intertwining drum & bass tones with indie/punk rock influences, Boxplot is a Boston-based producer with a truly unforgettable sound. Following his debut track Escape With The Clouds earning over 1 million listens on different streaming services, he experienced a major hard drive failure that caused him to reshape his music from the ground up. Turning the tables on a bad situation, he published his Tramontane EP to mass critical acclaim, forming the iconic Boxplot we know today.

Boxplot's music has become synonymous with challenging drum & bass marathon maps throughout osu!, as demonstrated by popular maps of Escape With The Clouds and Tramontane. These songs have the dynamic intensity lending to all types of mapping, along with melodies that'll make even the longer songs worth the creative effort.

Here & Now
Tramontane EP
My Non-Existent Friend, Alice
Lost Without You (Boxplot Remix)
Escape with the Clouds
Escape With the Clouds (V.I.P)
Alice EP