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Cres. slammed his way through the doors of the music production 15 years ago while he was a high school senior. His song submission End Time in the 2006 BMS OF FIGHTERS event has become a cult classic among rhythm game players, only recently being featured in other games like maimai and CHUNITHM Shifting towards background music production for non-rhythm games after high school, he drew influence from big names like Uematsu Nobuo and ZUN while sticking to his roots of rhythm complexity drawing from KONAMI games between 2000 and 2010.

End Time has been a staple for the osu! player experience for almost a decade at this point, with nearly 4.5 million plays across 4 different mapsets. Whether you're looking to try out a new song or work with a classic, Cres. is a perfect fit for creators of all mapping skill levels.

Succubus Rhapsodia OST
Succubus Academia OST
An Anecdote of Succubus Quest OST