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The Gentle Men

Paired prodigies Charlie White (a.k.a. Twitch streamer moistcr1tikal) and Troy McKubre are the minds behind The Gentle Men, a rock-focused duo delivering listeners to their blunder years without remorse. Each track features a combination of Troy's extensive musical prowess and Charlie's performance of often degeneracy-inspired lyrics, making for an audio experience best described as "a joke with so much effort that it legitimately sounds good". Shifting further from on-the-nose memes in recent releases, the band's future works are unrestrained by expectations.

Fans of The Gentle Men's music on osu! have made themselves known with clear cravings for more, as seen through reception of beatmaps like 2019 Guy and 2004 Breakup. Whether you're in the mood for mainstream 2000's rock/metal or you're reconsidering your life choices, The Gentle Men are the perfect partners to visit for a mapping session.

Real To Me
I Am Truth
2019 Guy
2004 Breakup