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Shawn Wasabi

A symbol for the cultural mishmash of the internet and music, Shawn Wasabi is a producer, engineer and videographer residing in Los Angeles famed for his iconic performances using a Midi Fighter 64. His 2015 release of Marble Soda featuring samples from over 150 sources brought Shawn massive recognition, with its mesmerizing YouTube video peaking at a million views within 48 hours of publication. Maintaining momentum throughout the next few years, Shawn continued to produce new songs with accompanying Midi Fighter 64 videos, culminating in the launch of his MANGOTALE album in 2020.

Global fascination with Shawn Wasabi's style has made him a deserving priority in the artist sphere, as seen through major marketing partnerships with Toyota and McDonalds. The seamless pop-chill blend in most of his tracks is an easy point of entry to the mapping sphere, while other tracks like Burnt Rice provide a more complicated base for challenging beatmaps.

All songs provided courtesy of Warner Records by arrangement with Warner Music Group Video Game Licensing.

Otter Pop (feat. Hollis)
Burnt Rice (feat. Yung GEMMY)