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A pioneer of the early internet's electronic music scene, Dimrain47 is a techno producer who rose to fame between 2005 and 2008 through the Newgrounds Audio Portal. His high-tempo, melodic electronica classics have spread throughout tons of non-commercial animations, games, and websites since their creation, including Particles, Castle Crashers, and the Warcraft 3 mod "100 Rounds". Following a 4 year hiatus, Dimrain47 released 3 more tracks in 2012, including At the Speed of Light famed for its popularity in Geometry Dash.

Triggering nostalgia sensors for thousands of osu! players since then, Dimrain47 remains a household name decades later through the stream-focused beatmap Midnight Siege by Kyshiro. With nearly his full discography available for mapping, Dimrain47's reign on osu! is only now getting started!

The Dimrain47 Collection (2005-2012)