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An undeniable master of fusing hard rock with VOCALOID, Yuyoyuppe is a Japanese DJ, producer, and singer renowned for intensely tonal soundscapes. His rise began in 2008 with the first of his vocaloid uploads to Nico Nico Douga, each featuring clear metal inspirations paired with emotionally moving instrumentation. As his experience with vocaloid rock expanded, he began to branch out into writing and arranging songs for the immsensely popular metal band BABYMETAL, along with a spread into pop/techno genres through his DJ'TEKINA//SOMETHING alias.

Yuyoyuppe is by no means new to the osu! scene. Whether it be through community-made maps like Hidamari no Uta and Leia, or even his mini-listing on the MOtOLOiD Featured Artist page, osu! players are bound to be familiar with these musical masterpieces.

Story of Hope
Solitude Freak