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Addicted to the beauty of symphonic rock since its inception in 2012, Symholic is a Japanese music circle known for telling stories of tragedy through celestial vocal melodies and high intensity instrumentation. With songs featuring vocalists throughout the doujin production scene like Hatsuki Yura and Lalue (Rina Komatsu) under leadership of the group's composer Paspal, this symphony is a drug that listeners won't be able to give up so easily.

Fans of artists like our very own Ariabl'eyeS and ELFENSJóN will undoubtedly find solace in Symholic's familiar grand yet dark rock sound. Given each song's dense percussive backing, mappers will find no trouble appealing to the highest echelon of the playerbase.

X -Kaikou Seshi Souheki no Claymore -
Zenoth (Symholic 9th CD)
Zahnrad -Suikuu to Michibiki no Haguruma- (Symholic 3rd CD)
Vengel (Symholic 7th CD)
Senketsu ni Sasagu Sandome no Kokkyou (Symholic 5th CD)
Queen A'rcadia
Qualia - Mahousho ni Kizamu Itsutsu no Kioku - (Symholic 6th CD)
Maisery (Symholic 8th CD)
Kagura e Yadosu Shirayukimiko no Madou (Symholic 4th CD)
Hikuu ni Negatta Hangyaku no Hime (Symholic 2nd CD)