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glass beach

Hailing from Los Angeles, the 4 piece band known as glass beach has been turning heads since the bombastic release of their aptly titled debut album the first glass beach album in 2019. Surging to Spotify stardom shortly after with over 4 million streams and 100k monthly listeners in their first year alone, glass beach's eclectic, profoundly genre-bending jazzy-synth-emo fusion sound is even more impressive than its ample amount of combination adjectives might suggest, being widely acclaimed by publications like Stereogum and Pitchfork and more. The band itself draws inspiration from the likes of My Chemical Romance, Radiohead, The Brave Little Abacus, Jeff Rosenstock, GING NANG BOYZ and The Pillows, just to name a few.

Rising to prominence in osu! with their track bedroom community mapped by quantumvortex and thrust into the spotlight after an impressive play from Vaxei, glass beach appears poised to join a rapidly growing line-up of adored sweethearts by both mappers and players alike.

Describing glass beach's sound in a mapping context is difficult, outlined tentatively as a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater album put into a blender and thoroughly pulsed with a liberal dose of rock, sass and emotional depth that appears when you least expect it. Mappers fond of experimentation will find much to appreciate.

alchemist rats beg bashful (remixes)