osu! is a free-to-win online rhythm game
osu! gameplay is based on a variety of popular commercial rhythm games. While keeping some authentic elements, osu! adds huge customisation via skins/beatmaps/storyboarding, online rankings, multiplayer and boasts a community with over 500,000 active users! Play the way you want to play, with your own music, and share your creations with others.


17.12.15 Winter is Here!
The snows have truly settled in across most of the world, and with the results of the Winter 2017 Fanart Contest finally in, what better way to celebrate than with some incredible pieces of osu! art? And to top it all off, a brand-new Christmas-themed track from the original composer of osu!'s musical theme, nekodex!
An update to the Beatmap Nominator applications process and more clarity on the Beatmap Nominator probation phase, adjustments to beatmap Hype, as well as how to apply and contribute as a Metadata Team Helper - all in store for this month's issue of the QAT Gazette!
The eliminations have started and everything is to play for. While some teams still have their safety net up and ready, others don't have that luxury and risk going home. So while we wait eagerly for the Semifinals to begin, let's look back at what transpired during the Quarterfinals.
Seven days, sixty-five incredible entries, and only six votes to spend. Help us decide how we decorate our main menu for this year's festive season - vote for your favourite fanart entry now!

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15:09:19Zeref : oh!
15:09:32SacredSusanoo : why wont my better scores replace my old in my display menu? bug?
15:09:33IsAVeryNice : is centipede hard?
15:09:34MinakoSempai : Nya
15:09:36LordKizaku : anyone wanna watch :3
15:09:39pencil clicker : Goddamn, my arm hurts
15:09:39* LordKizaku is playing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1162427 Sex Whales & Fraxo - Dead To Me (feat. Lox Chatterbox) [extrad1881 (ar 9.5)]] +HardRock +Flashlight ~Autopilot~
15:09:47kilate14 : tu mama te baƱa-nya
15:09:53CornLord7117 : w
15:09:57MKeist : nya.