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Performance Points

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Performance point and Performance rank

Performance Points (pp) is a ranking metric aiming to be more contextually relevant to a continuous game like osu!. It aims to shift the focus from being on the amount of time played to the actual skill of the player.



The new metric was initially released in April, 2012 as '???' during a testing phase, being finally renamed to "pp" (Performance Points) on the 17th April 2012. In July 24, the (20120722-24) osu! release replaced the Ranked score system with Performance Points for every 30 minutes. As of August 16, the pp system is now updated in real-time. After more than a year of service, ppv1 received revamped upgrade (named ppv2), which was implemented on the 27th January 2014 by Tom94, creator of the osu!tp ranking system.

A changelog reflecting the most recent changes to the system is available here. For the obsolete ppv1 changelog, look here.


The performance points ranking can be found here. It can also be found from the bar at the top (Rankings -> Performance)

To find out how the final pp is calculated, the breakdown-per-beatmap is located in "Top Ranks" tab of the profile.


Determining the amount of points

Performance points are heavily based on map difficulty which is determined by a unique algorithm in every gamemode. Based on this difficulty alone each of your scores is rated and assigned a pp value.

These steps differ a lot per gamemode. Below are more detailed explanations of how each gamemodes works.

Osu.gif osu!Standard
(Aim^X + Speed^X + Accuracy^X)^(1/X)
Taiko.gif Taiko
(Strain^X + Accuracy^X)^(1/X)
Ctb.gif Catch the Beat
Mania.gif osu!mania
(Strain^X + Accuracy^X)^(1/X)
  • osu!Standard / Taiko: X = 1.1
  • osu!mania: X is currently tuned to 1.1. Accuracy is tuned to only represent a relatively small amount of the pp gained, compared to Strain, because accuracy already indirectly is represented by Strain's score scaling.

Gamemodes\pp's value Aim Speed Accuracy Strain
Osu.gif osu!Standard
  • Speed difficulty + Mods
  • Length of the beatmap in hit objects
  • Combo and amount of Miss
  • Accuracy {small margin}
Taiko.gif Taiko
  • Strain difficulty + Mods
  • Length of the beatmap in hit objects
  • Combo and amount of Miss
  • Accuracy {small margin}
Ctb.gif Catch the Beat
Mania.gif osu!mania
  • Strain difficulty + Mods, including key-mods and currently excluding Double Time (problems with scoring system)
  • Length of the beatmap in hit objects
  • Score achieved relative to the maximum possible score (Scaling not linear)


  • Final pp reduction mods:-
    • No Fail reduces the final beatmap's pp by 10%
    • Spun Out reduces the final beatmap's pp by 5%.
  • Length of the beatmap in hit objects / hit circles
    • Example: Drain time 2 minutes; 1,000 objects > 500 objects.
    • However: 1,000 objects; Drain time 2 minutes = Drain time 5 minutes
      • Drain Time = Song length - Breaktime - Intro/outro.
  • @ difficulty + Mods

Weightage system

Click the picture for formula usage example.

For transparency on how your final pp is calculated, pp gained from the beatmap is given along with weight (% of eligible pp to be gained for final pp). Only your highest pp score's beatmap gives you full pp. Other scores' pp values will be multiplied with decreasing percentage. The percentage is always rounded to the next whole number for displaying, but for calculations it is not. For example a score can be weighted by 0.48% despite the display saying "0%". If n is the amount of scores giving more pp than a given score, then the score's weight is 0.95^n .

It follows, that your total pp is computed as follows. Let PP contain each score's pp value. PP[i] denotes the ith score's pp value, sorted decreasingly, where i goes from 1 to n, and n is the amount of scores you have.

Total pp = PP[1] * 0.95^0 + PP[2] * 0.95^1 + PP[3] * 0.95^2 + ... + PP[n] * 0.95^(n-1)

Click for an example of the formula usage (scroll down to see the example).

There is also bonus pp based on the number of ranked maps you have a score on. The bonus is:

416.6667 (1- 0.9994^Number_of_scores).

Increasing your rank

Your performance rank is predominantly based on your performance on individual maps. The easiest way to improve it is to improve your scores on difficult songs. Do note that game modes are counted separately [which means, playing (osu!/Taiko/CtB/osu!mania) raises (osu!/Taiko/CtB/osu!mania) pp].

  • Play efficiently and master your play style.
  • Work on getting some really good scores, not thousands of "okay" scores.
  • Get higher accuracy (even 1% difference can help light-years!).
  • Get higher combo. Go for Full Combo/Perfect or "SS/SSH".
  • Play well on harder difficulties.