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Options menu (yes, that sidebar at left)



Restart osu! if anything isn't working as intended (Background Dim is a prime offender). 

Click Options or press O in the Intro Screen to access the Options sidebar and change the way osu! behaves.

Type on it to search what you want to change. The searchbar's text will shake if your search is invalid and refuse to add in that invalid letter.

Note: b(YYYY)(MM)(DD).(revision) = Public Build. So, b20140323.3 means Public Build as in 23rd of March 2014, third revision. It's located at the dead-end of the sidebar.

Note2: b(YYYY)(MM)(DD)cuttingedge = Test Build.

OP General thumb.jpg General section

General section

Sign In


Name Effect
Username Put your registered osu! username here.
Password Password for the registered osu! username.
Remember Username Remember your username in your osu!.{username}
Remember Password Remember your password in your osu!.{username} and automatically log-in.

Click on Sign in to to log-in or click on Create an account if you do not have the account. Once you have successfully logged-in, it will change as shown below.


Logged in as {username}

Click on it to access user stuff.

Name Effect
1. View Profile View your profile in osu! website.
2. Sign Out Sign out in-game.
3. Change Avatar Change your user's profile picture.
4. Close Close.


Name Effect
Select language Pick a language of your choice. osu! with download the .txt translation file and change to selected language. Default is English.
For contribution: http://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/104342/ (old link)
Prefer metadata in original language Beatmaps that have Unicode metadata will be shown instead of the usual ASCII metadata.
Example: If activated, the beatmap's title will change from "Night of Feifan Brother" to "非凡哥之夜" if the mapper did set a Unicode data for his/her's beatmap. Actual Beatmap here
Use alternative font for chat display Use old type font (Tahoma) rather than current type font (Aller) in Chat Console. Comparison here.


Name Effect
Release Stream Stable: Public build.
Cutting Edge: osu!test build (Multi is locked for non-supporters).
Beta: Like cutting edge, just more stable; new releases once a week
Note: Requires online connection to interchange between them.
Open osu! folder Open osu! folder.

OP Graphics thumb.jpg Graphics section

Graphics Tab


Restart is required.
Name Effect
OpenGL Use this if you [1] do not have shader support, [2]experienced horrible lag or extreme/weak FPS, [3] using old or DirectX-incompatible graphic card.
DirectX (Default) Uses shader to accelerate performance, but may run worse on very old machines.
Frame Limiter: (controls the maximum number of frames displayed per second)
60fps (vsync) 60fps (low latency) 120fps [Default] 240fps Unlimited (gameplay) Unlimited

Note: For laptop users, it is recommended to limit your frames to prevent overheating as mentioned in this thread. Also, mind your electricity usage bill.

  • Show FPS Counter: Show subtle Frame-Per-Second counter at bottom-right of the screen

Screen Resolution

Select resolution:-
Properties Windowed size Fullscreen size
Standard: 800 x 600 800 x 600
1024 x 768 1024 x 768
Widescreen: 1024 x 600 Your screen size (native) [Default]
Your screen size (Borderless) [Default]
  • Fullscreen mode (osu! will take over your screen. May reduce latency)

Detail Settings

Name Effect
Snaking Sliders Slider ball gradually "snake out" (crawling out) from their starting point. Not to be confused as "Shaking Sliders".
Background Video Allow background video file to be played. Can be temporary disabled in Visual Settings.
Storyboards Allow storyboard contents to be played. Can be temporary disabled in Visual Settings.
Combo Bursts Allow "combo-burst" image to appear at the side of the screen when hitting a combo milestone (30,60,100,150,200,...)
Hit Lighting A subtle glow behind each hit explosions. Does not disable lighting during Kial Time.
Shader Effects Graphically speaking, Concert-type effects.
Softening filter Adjust "Shader Effect" to be less flashy.
Screenshot Format (Graphics format of screenshots).
PNG (Lossless) High filesize but uncompressed quality.
JPEG (Web-friendly) [Default] Compact filesize. Easy to load. May look pixelated when zoomed in.

Main Menu

Name Effect
Snow Snow currently selected gamemode symbol in the Main menu. Created for Christmas 2013 and return by popular demand.
Parallax The screen moves with your osu!cursor. Does not work during gameplay.
Menu tips Show a strip of interesting tidbits every time you visit the Main menu. Located at slightly lower part of the giant vibrating osu!.
Interface voices "Welcome to osu!"/"See you next time." voice when you open/close osu! respectively.
VA: ???
osu! music theme Play "nekodex - welcome to osu!" when opening osu! rather than random songs. It is not a beatmap and will always in repeat until you change the song. Once changed, you can only replay it by re-opening osu!.

Song Select

Name Effect
Show Thumbnails Display a preview of each beatmap's background. Requires skin support (version 2.2+). Uses the online thumbnail and requires minor connection data to build cache (located inside "Data" folder under "bt" foder).

OP Gameplay thumb.jpg Gameplay section

Gameplay section


Background Dim
Adjusting this will force all beatmaps (including your Beatmap Editor) to follow this Dim setting. Set this to 0% if you are doing Storyboard at the Design tab.
Progress display (configures where and how the song progress bar is displayed).
[1] Top-Right (Pie) [Default] [2] Top-Right (Bar) [3] Bottom-Right {Similar to osu!droid} [4] Bottom (long) {Similar to osu!stream}
framless framless framless framless
Progress display placement
Input key overlay
Score meter type (configures accuracy meter appearing below the beatmap).
None Do not show Score meter
Colour OP SM Colour.jpg
Shows a history of your hit values
(based on colours of default skin's 300/100/50/Miss).
Default colourings
300 100 50 Miss Blank/Next note
Hit-error [Default] OP SM HE.jpg
Shows precisely how accurate you were with each hit. Judgement Bar length adjusts based on OD (Accuracy). Left - Center - Right = Early - Perfect - Late
Default colourings
Perfect hit point 300 100 50 [pointer] Hit-error average
Score metre size Set your score metre size.
Default is 1.00x. Size range from 0.50x - 2.00x.
Always show key overlay Shows the key status overlay even when playing normally. Handy for streaming your play.
Show Approach Circle on first "Hidden" object. Show an approach circle on the first hidden object. Picture example.
Scale osu!mania scroll speed with BPM Adjust the scroll speed based on the BPM of the beatmap.
Remember osu!mania scroll speed per beatmap. Remember the scroll speed you personally set per beatmap.

OP Audio thumb.jpg Audio section

Audio tab


The volume controls allow one to change the volume in-game.

  • Master controls all aspects.
  • Music affects only the music.
  • Effect affects things such as hit sounds and in-game sounds.
Ignore beatmap hitsounds
When enabled, only your own selected skin's hit-sounds will be played. Beatmap's hit-sounds will be ignored.

Universal Audio Offset

Detailed calibration method.

If, in every single beatmap you play, you hear the sound effects out of sync with the song, you might need to adjust this value. Click and hold on the selector, then drag left or right. You can also place the cursor on the selector and move it using the left and right arrow keys. Continue adjusting until you find the position where the two different sounds are heard simultaneously. Alternatively, you can use Run Offset Wizard for a more graphical representation of ticks.

Unlike Local Song Offset (specific to that difficulty only) , this offset affects every beatmaps you play. If you received an Online Offset, you can [1] manually adjust it yourself for the difficulty you are playing using "Plus" (=/+) or "Minus" (-/_) to increase/decrease the beatmap's offset by 5ms (holding alt while pressing Plus or Minus will allow you to change the offset by 1ms) or [2] go to the Universal Audio Offset and adjust it yourself then revert it back to normal upon finishing the said beatmap.

Offset Wizard

Offset Wizard

Click on "Run Offset Wizard" bar to adjust your Universal Audio Offset in a more graphical method.

Note: Your current playing song on your jukebox will be used.

  1. This displays your current Universal Audio Offset in terms of milliseconds.
  2. Clicking on "Half tick" will display slower, half ticks on the screen likewise clicking "Double tick" will show faster, double ticks.
  3. These are the ticks. They will pass through a green flashing line in the middle of the screen and will emit ticking sounds to represent beats.
  4. Click the Back button or press Esc to return to the Graphics tab of the Options Screen. This will update the Universal Audio Offset.
  5. Your jukebox. The currently playing song's BPM is shown as ticks.

OP Skin thumb.jpg Skin section

Skin Tab


Name Effect
(img of skin) Image of the skin. Does not show Spinner.
Set 1: Hitcircle set, hit50.png, hit100.png, hit300.png
Set 2: hit0.png, hit100k.png, hit300g.png
Set 3: Combo numbers
Set 4: Score numbers
Current skin Skin currently in use. The original is always at the top named "Default".
Open current skin folder Open the current skin folder in File Explorer. Does not work on the original "Default" (it will jump to "User").
Export as .osk Export this skin folder as an .osk file. Does not work on the original "Default".
Ignore all beatmap skins When enabled, only own selected skin will be used instead of the beatmap's skin. Beatmap's skin will not be used.
Use skin's sound samples Use the custom sound effects of the currently selected skin. Otherwise, osu! by peppy sound sample will be used.
Use Taiko skin for Taiko mode Uses LuigiHann's Taiko skin when playing Taiko mode. Disable it when your current skin have Taiko-specific elements.
Always use skin cursor Your selected skin cursor (the cursor your mouse controls) will always be used regardless of the beatmap-specific cursor modification.
Cursor Size Adjust your cursor size. Default is 1x and range around 0.5x - 2.0x.
Automatic Cursor Sizing Adjust Cursor size based on CS settings of the selected beatmap's difficulty.
Use combo colour as tint for slider ball The transparent slider ball will follow the slider's combo colour. Only works if skin is supported.

OP Input thumb.jpg Input section

Input Tab


Name Effect
Mouse Sensitivity Adjust the sensitivity of your mouse cursor.
Range: 0.40x - 6.00x. Default is 1.00x.
Raw Input (Added since February 2014) Read mouse/tablet values directly from the hardware, without any post-processing. Check this thread for more info. For Polling Rate knowledge, refer to this link to howtogeek.com
Disable mouse wheel in play mode. Mouse wheel is used to adjust "Universal Volume" and/or pause the game (by clicking it). Enabling this option disable the usage of mouse wheel.
Disable mouse buttons in play mode. You can't click beats using your mouse button when the option is active. Useful for player who uses keyboard to click beats and likes to grip the mouse tightly. Can be enabled/disabled by pressing F10 during play.
Show cursor ripples Show subtle ripple per mouseclick. The ripple isn't affected by physics.


Key Bindings

Key Bindings
osu! Standard Mode
Left Click Z
Right Click X
Smoke C
Taiko Mode
Drum Center (Left) X
Drum Center (Right) C
Drum Rim (Left) Z
Drum Rim (Right) V
Catch the Beat Mode
Move Left Left
Move Right Right
Dash! (2x movement speed) LeftShift
osu! Mania Mode [LtR/Sym]
Increase Speed (mania) F3
Decrease Speed (mania) F4
Game Pause Escape
Skip Cutscene Space
Toggle Scoreboard Tab
Increase Local Song Offset Plus
Decrease Local Song Offset Minus
Toggle Framerate Limit F7
Toggle Chat F8
Toggle Extended Chat F9
Save Screenshot F12
Increase Volume Up
Decrease Volume Down
Disable Mouse buttons F10
Boss Key Insert
Select tool 1
Normal tool 2
Slider tool 3
Spinner tool 4
New Combo Toggle Q
Whistle Toggle W
Finish Toggle E
Clap Toggle R
Grip Snap toggle T
Distance Snap Toggle Y
Note Lock toggle L
Nudge Left J
Nudge Right K
Help Toggle H
Jump to First Note Z
Play from beginning X
Audio Pause C
Jump to End V
Grid Size Change G
Add Timing Section None
Add Inheriting Section None
Remove Section None
Mod Select
Easy Q
No Fail W
Half-Time E
Hard Rock A
Sudden Death S
Double Time D
Hidden F
Flashlight G
Relax Z
Auto-Pilot X
Spun-Out C
Auto V
Reset all Bindings

osu!mania layout

osu!mania layout

Key-binding settings for the K setting. Sensitive to selected K only. Otherwise, the default key-bindings will be used based on the Key Bindings above. Type your letter to set the keys.

Name Effect
Key Count Settings for 4K ~ 8K.
Column Style
[6K and 8K only]
CS 6K 8K
Normal CS 6K N.jpg CS 8K N.jpg
Right CS 6K R.jpg CS 8K R.jpg
Left CS 6K L.jpg CS 8K L.jpg
Vertically flip playfield
(DDR Style)
Move the judgement area and keynotes above the screen instead of the usual below the screen. Beatmap's design and key-bindings stay as it is.
Show Judgement line Make Judgement Line slightly "brighter".


Name Effect
Enable OS TabletPC support. Enable if you use a graphic tablet or tablet PC and your clicks aren't handled correctly.
Enable joystick support (osu!mania) Enable this if you use a controller or joystick to play osu!mania.
Enable Wiimote/TaTaCon Drum Support. Enable support for Nintendo's Wii Taiko Drum controller and Wiimote (not yet implemented?). Pair your device first before enabling it.

OP Editor thumb.jpg Editor section

Editor section


Name Effect
Background Video Enable to allow video play as you map the song. Disable if want to focus on mapping.
Use default skin Force-use "osu! by peppy" skin for testing beatmap purpose.
Disable undo states Sacrifice Undo/Redo to decrease usage load. Use at your own risk.

OP Online thumb.jpg Online section

Online Tab

Alerts and Privacy

Name Effect
Show Chat Ticker Show a one-line display bellow the screen when the Chat Console is not visible. It is tab dependent and only shows new messages on the tab you are currently on.
Automatically hide chat during gameplay. Hides Chat Console when playing. It will be visible during breaks or intro/outro time of beatmap.
Show a notification pop-up when someone says your name. A message will flash at the bottom of your screen when someone mention your name in the chat.
Play a sound when someone says your name A sound will play when someone mentions your name in chat.
Share your city location with others By default, your country is usually shown. Enabling it will add a city state along with your country. This is usually quite accurate. Example: Japan (Tokyo) where Japan is country and Tokyo is city state.
Show a list of spectators during gameplay. A list of spectators will be shown at the left of the screen. Disable it and you will no longer know you are being spectated.
Show notification popups instantly during gameplay. Enabled: Allow coloured notification shown at the bottom during gameplay. Disabled: Allow during break time only
Show notification popups when friend change status. Notification will be shown when friends go online/offline.
Allow multiplayer game invites from all users. Disabling it will limit it to friends only.


Name Effect
Integrate with Yahoo! status display. Your Yahoo! Messenger will show the song you are currently playing or listening to.
Integrate with MSN Live status display. Your Windows Live Messenger will show the song you are currently playing or listening to.
Automatically start osu!direct downloads Supporter tag.png required to activate osu!direct. When spectating or multiplaying, the beatmap will be downloaded should it not in "Songs" folder using osu!direct.

In-Game Chat

Name Effect
Filter offensive words Filter offensive words as "*beep*". Otherwise, the offensive words will be shown without the filter.
Filter foreign characters Removes any characters outside the standard ASCII (alphabet) range. Useful if you experience lag from these.
Automatically log private messages Enabling this option will log (save) all private messages sent/received to the "Chat" folder in a tidy .txt format.
Block private messages from non-friends When enabled, you can only receive PM from your friends only. Can be enabled/disabled by typing "/nopm" at Chat Console.
Name Effect
Chat ignore list (space-separated list) Permanent ignore list in other word. By adding an @ followed by the letters, c, h, and/or p, you may ignore them in chat, highlights, or PMs respectively.
Example: peppy@h BanchoBot (Where peppy can't highlight you and BanchoBot's messages will never be shown on your Chat Console but both of them can still see your messages.)
Chat highlight words (space-separated list) You will be notified when someone type some word(s) that coincides with the word(s) you put here. By default, your full account name can only trigger the highlight.

OP Maintance thumb.jpg Maintenance section

Maintenance Tab


Name Effect
Delete all unranked maps Delete all unranked maps in your Songs folder. osu! will open up a system message to show how many maps will be deleted and will ask to confirm the action.
Force Folder Permissions Give read/write permission on osu! to its folders. Useful for Vista users with User Account Control (UAC) enabled.
Mark all maps played Mark all maps as "played". Not recommended for players who want to know which maps they haven't played yet.
Run osu! updater Close osu! and opens the external osu! updater(known previously as osume!) to search for updates.
  • b(YYYY)(MM)(DD).(revision) = Public Build. So, b20140323.3 means Public Build as in 23rd of March 2014, third revision.